Group CEO
Star Energy Geothermal Group

Hendra Soetjipto Tan has more than 20 years of experience in the finance industry. Prior to joining Star Energy, he worked with PT. Nusantara Capital and PT. Bahana Securities. He also has vast experience in working as an analyst with PT. Deutsche Morgan Grenfell, a securities arm of Deutsche Bank and in working on property sector matters with PT. Procon Indah/Jones Wootton.

At present, he is the Group Chief Executive Officer of Star Energy Geothermal Group, which consists of Star Energy Geothermal Salak, Ltd, Star Energy Geothermal Darajat II, Limited and Star Energy Geothermal (Wayang Windu) Limited (“Group”). Prior to becoming CEO, he was the Chief Financial Officer of the Star Energy Geothermal Group. He is primarily responsible to improve the Group’s performance through efficiency, optimization and technology innovation and to lead Star Energy Geothermal Group to be the leading and largest Geothermal producer in the world by increasing its capacity to 1,200 mw by 2028. During his 16 years tenure at the Group, he has raised more than US$ 4 billion bond/project financing loan for refinancing, acquisition or developing geothermal projects in Star Energy.

Star Energy Geothermal Group currently owns five geothermal projects in Indonesia. Wayang Windu, located near Bandung, West Java, currently has an installed capacity of approximately 227 MW through two geothermal electricity generating units. Salak project, located in Sukabumi and Bogor, West Java, consists of six units with total installed capacity of 377 MW. Darajat project, located in Garut and Bandung, West Java, consists of three units with total installed capacity of 271MW. The other two projects, the Sekincau project in Sumatra and the Hamiding project in Maluku, are in Preliminary Survey Assignment and Exploration phase (Penugasan Survei Pendahuluan dan Eksplorasi or “PSPE”). When the PSPE is completed, Star Energy Geothermal Group will be competitively positioned in the limited tender process to develop geothermal resources in Hamiding and Sekincau.

He currently holds a Masters in Engineering from Cornell University. When he is not at work, he likes to run, jog, bike, do some Yoga or build a sophisticated Lego model.